This is a website.

To be 100% accurate, which is not always a top priority around here, this is actually the about page of SuchRealNews, and SuchRealNews is a website.

More specifically, it is a satire website, with a strong focus on politics but covering whatever other topics come to mind as well.

It was started largely as a response to numerous fact-deficient articles going viral on Facebook just because they tricked people into thinking their outrageous claims were true. I figured I could do better, or at least be funnier while trying to remain fundamentally honest, so I got a domain name and decided to give it a shot.

So now here we are.

And here you are.

The articles aren’t far away.

I hope you read them, I hope you like them, and I hope you share what you like. If you share what you don’t like, that’s okay too.





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